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What Is Domestic Violence?

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Domestic Violence is when one person exerts power and control of another individual in a domestic setting (familial or living environment). Domestic Violence does not discriminate against one's age, gender, sexuality, socio-economic status, education, location or any other factors.

Abuse within domestic violence may encompass many things but the most common forms of abuse are physical, mental/emotional, verbal, sexual, financial and digital. Abusers use these forms of abuse to manipulate and maintain control.

What do these forms of abuse mean and what do they look like? The following items are examples but not exclusive to what victims of abuse may experience.

  • Physical Abuse: Intentionally inflicting bodily harm onto another individual by way of hitting, slapping, strangling, throwing objects,etc.

  • Mental/Emotional Abuse: Manipulating an individual in a way that causes them to develop psychological trauma such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders and more. Emotional abuse can consist of stalking, making threats, isolation, etc.

  • Financial Abuse: Controlling an individual's ability to maintain or acquire finances. Financial abuse may consist of not allowing a partner to work, preventing them from going to work, giving an allowance or using your funds without your permission.

  • Digital Abuse: Using technology to intimidate, harass, stalk or control another individual. Digital abuse may be done by sending excessive texts, tracking phones, taunting on social media, hacking accounts and more.

  • Sexual Abuse: Taking away someone's ability consent by way of force, coercion or threats. Sexual abuse may include unwanted touching, forced sex, coercion, sexual harassment, etc.

As horrific as all of the above statements may sound, that is the reality for at least 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men in the United States.

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