Hope Harbour provides crisis intervention and supportive services for victims of domestic violence and their children.  If you need assistance please call our crisis line 706-324-3850.  All services are confidential and free of charge.

Emergency Shelter

24 Hour Emergency Shelter is provided to women and children who are victims of domestic violence. The shelter is in a secure, undisclosed location and is staffed at all times.  Please call the crisis line at 706-324-3850 if you need assistance.

24 Hour Crisis Line

A 24 Hour Crisis Line is answered by trained staff.  Each call is confidential.  The caller is assessed for safety and connected to services.  Please call the crisis line at 706-324-3850 if you need assistance.

Outreach Program

The Hope Harbour Outreach program is for victims of domestic violence who need assistance but do not need shelter.  All services provided in the shelter are provided through the Outreach Program.   

To schedule an appointment with the Outreach Advocate please call 706-256-0237 ext. 116

The Legal Advocate assists victims of domestic violence in obtaining Temporary Protective Orders.  Legal needs are assessed and referrals for legal assistance are made. 

To schedule an appointment with the Legal Advocate please call 706-225-3519.


Domestic Assault Response Team

The Domestic Assault Response Team is a partnership between Hope Harbour and the Columbus Police Department.  The program allows advocates and law enforcement to work hand in hand to actively engage high risk victims and connect the victims with support and services at the time of the crime.

For more information about the DART program please call 706-256-0237 ext. 113


If you would like for someone to speak to your church, civic group, business, or organization about domestic violence please phone 706-256-0237 ext. 116

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