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Anyone can be an abuser.
Abusers come from all different backgrounds. The abuser could be a partner, relative, teacher, neighbor, etc. It is extremely important to know the warning signs of an abuser.

ISOLATION: Insists that their partner spend all or most of their time together, cutting them off from their  friends or family.

NEED FOR CONTROL: Displays extreme anger when things don't go their way or attempts to make all of their partner's decisions.

POSSESSION & JEALOUSY: Accuses their partner of flirting or having sexual relationships with others, as well as monitoring their clothing and makeup.

INTRUSION: Constantly asking what their partner is doing, who they are with, and where they are going.

SCAPEGOATING: Putting the blame on their partner instead of taking responsibility.

If you are experiencing any form of abuse, visit: or call our crisis line at: (706)324-3850 for information about safety planning.

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